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Claire MacEachen

Hi, I am Claire, I  have been a teacher of yoga for 15 years now and not a day goes by where I don’t reap the rewards of living a yogic lifestyle.   I started a personal practice in 2000, looking for a stretch class I soon realized that the benefits far exceeded stretching my muscles.   As I continued with a regular yoga practice I soon discovered the ancient techniques of yoga were about slowing down the pace, paying attention and being fully present.  That along with breathing practices and self inquiry and meditation all have led me to a calmer more joyous version of myself.  

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The natural progression was to learn more and in 2008 I excitedly took my 200 hour yoga teacher course.  I began teaching and it has become the single most thing in my life that I never tire of.   I continued to study yoga with Rod Stryker and over ten years I successfully completed my level 1 ParaYoga certification.   Para Yoga is tantric hatha yoga.  Tantra meaning to accelerate, it pulls from many techniques such as pranayama practices, meditation, mantra (sound) visualization, awareness, self inquiry and most importantly the remembrance of self.  I craft classes using many of these techniques and with a specific outcome in mind.   Some practices are to move energy up while others are to calm scattered energy while other practices can be for inspiration or sparking our own internal light with a fire practice, meditation and yoga nidra all play a part in living your best life.  


Aside from yoga I love to be in nature I love camping, mountain biking and hiking.   And I especially love being a grandmother of 4!  I truly believe that Life it to be lived!  🙏🏻

  • 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT)

  • ParaYoga Level I Certified Yoga Teacher.  Completed this master yoga program with teacher Rod Stryker

  • 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teach Training Program with Diana Batts and Bernie Clark (November 2017

  • Vishoka Meditation Master Course facilitated by Ishan Tigunait (October 2020)

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